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Hello, my friend. Thank you very much for visiting my gallery, and I hope you'll enjoy your stay. :)

My stuff is almost exclusively fanart of "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" TV show, with some non-pony related content being posted once in a blue moon. I make them in Inkscape, a free vector program (links: DOWNLOAD and TUTORIAL), although I was also using Paint.NET long ago.

As noted in the stamp above, I always read all the comments I get, and I'm always grateful to receive some. :) (Well, unless it's one of those "Thx 4 fav" ones, as explained in the link far below.) I don't respond to most of them since it would be excessive, but if you ever happened to compliment my work, then you can safely assume that I thank you very much, even if I didn't explicitly say so. :aww:

My avatar is based on Whatsapokemon's one.

Hello everyone! If you were wondering what I've been doing recently, then here is your answer: I've been working on a mod that attempts to bring the general concept of Five Nights at Freddy's into the Fallout universe, on the engine of Fallout: New Vegas.

It can be found here:…

The mod is fully voiced (thanks to the wonderful guys at ), contains all five nights, features five robots, and has a fully customizable Custom Night. But its most important feature is that this time, you aren't stuck in a single place. Now you have to MOVE.

In this mod, you come across an abandoned Vault, in which you find a fully functioning Arena. In this Arena, which was Vault-Tec's ill-conceived attempt at creating a survival training program, you have to spend 5 nights trying to survive in a small, enclosed environment, with an explosive collar on your neck and no means of defense against deadly robots; robots who can, and WILL, chase you and kill you on contact if they see you. You must prove to be the master of hide and seek if you want to avoid dying from your head exploding, or from being irradiated to death by machinery devised by madmen.

Are you man enough to face the dangers of the Arena and come out victorious?


The creation of the mod was inspired by me feeling dissatisfied with the gameplay provided by FNAF4; from the trailer, I got the impression that the game is going to be about you having to sneak around the house and avoid deadly animatronics until 6 AM. I was really eager to see such an amazing twist on the formula; however, what we got instead was just the same old schtick of you being stuck in the same room, constantly checking the doors. Feeling upset over this letdown, I decided to try finding a way to make such gameplay myself. After a streak of not having much luck with gamemaking programs, I finally got the Eureka moment: making it a mod for Fallout New Vegas. I've been already modding in Oblivion and Fallout before, so it shouldn't be impossible, I thought.

Well... not impossible, but very time-consuming and extremely frustrating. I swear, I've been encountering errors or problems on every single step, and nearly everything that seemed like a simple thing to do has proven itself to be a problem that took at least an hour or two from my life making me try to figure out what the hell am I doing wrong. Probably one of the must infuriating parts was that, for some reason, the editor does not show any error messages when you make an error in a script and instead just keeps asking "Do you want to close without saving?" every time you save and try to close the script. I was forced to constantly keep bringing up the editor from Bethesda's first Fallout (in which error messages worked) to painstakingly recreate the object references in a test location, just so I could test the script and see where the error is. And don't even get me started on problems with edited or custom models and in the scripts themselves (if they were functioning enough for the editor to let me save them).

And the worst part was, I had to figure out every single problem for myself. If I couldn't find it with Google, then the problem just wasn't going to be solved unless I stumbled upon the solution by myself. There wasn't any point to leaving any questions anywhere, because if there's something I have learned from my modding days, it's that the community simply isn't going to help you with anything more complex. If it isn't anything basic, like "how do I make a quest" or "how do I make picking up an item cause a quest update", then nobody is going to answer your question, because they either don't know, or don't care. But on the other hand, now I can at least claim that it's all my work alone, save for other people's resources and the voices from voice actors.

Over the development time, the mod managed to amass its fair share of unused concepts and stuff. The list can be found here (SPOILERS!):…

If you have any questions or bug reports, please let me know.

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Read the description for more info:…


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