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Infinitely scalable ponies
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Hello, my friend. Thank you very much for visiting my gallery, and I hope you'll enjoy your stay. :)

My stuff is almost exclusively fanart of "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" TV show, with some non-pony related content being posted once in a blue moon. I make them in Inkscape, a free vector program (links: DOWNLOAD and TUTORIAL), although I was also using Paint.NET long ago.

As noted in the stamp above, I always read all the comments I get, and I'm always grateful to receive some. :) (Well, unless it's one of those "Thx 4 fav" ones, as explained in the link far below.) I don't respond to most of them since it would be excessive, but if you ever happened to compliment my work, then you can safely assume that I thank you very much, even if I didn't explicitly say so. :aww:

My avatar is based on Whatsapokemon's one.

Commissions Closed! (18.03.2015)

Sat Mar 14, 2015, 8:36 PM
Good news! Now in addition to ponies, I also accept commissions involving the animatronics from "Five Nights at Freddy's" series. See the examples and prices below. Edit: Apparently nobody picked up on that offer... :(

Available Slots: None!

1. :iconslayerman118: SlayerMan118 - COMPLETED
2. :iconheiryuu: Heiryuu - COMPLETED
3. :iconmrmisty: MrMisty - COMPLETED
4. :icondarkzorel: DarkZorel - COMPLETED
5. :iconfornogr: ForNoGR - COMPLETED
6. :iconsirstreaks: SirStreaks - COMPLETED
7. :iconthrashyourart: ThrashYourArt
8. :icondarkstorm619: Darkstorm619
9. :iconchainchomp2: ChainChomp2
10. :iconyokokinawa: YokoKinawa

Prices and stuff:

FNAF Animatronics (15$ per character):

FNAF: Pizza by ZuTheSkunk FNAF: Mangle by ZuTheSkunk FNAF: Golden Duo by ZuTheSkunk

Ponies with only upper body shown (10$ per character):

This makes my eyes feel funny... by ZuTheSkunk Luna's WTF face by ZuTheSkunk Commission: Science.PNG by ZuTheSkunk MagicDuel.PNG by ZuTheSkunk Insufficient Amounts of Love by ZuTheSkunk Secretive Luna by ZuTheSkunk

Full body ponies (15$ per character):

Commission: Apple Pie by ZuTheSkunkCommission: A Subtle Reminder by ZuTheSkunk The Truth by ZuTheSkunk The Hand of Midas by ZuTheSkunk Nopony Suspects a Thing by ZuTheSkunk

Crystal Pony effect (5$ per character):

Commission: Cupcake Countdown OC by ZuTheSkunk

Other important info:

:bulletgreen: I accept payments in money only (preferably in USD), which means NO deviantArt points. Also, I can only accept transactions through PayPal.

:bulletgreen: In short about how the commissioning process usually goes:
- You say your idea through a deviantArt note (or any other form of contact);
- I ask about a few things if something is unclear, and then confirm that I accept the commission once I know everything I need to know;
- I make a rough preview version (which is usually lineart like this);
- If you think you like it, then you send the payment at this point;
- I finish and colour the image, and then I send it to you.
Both before and after I finish the image you are able to request some changes, and there's always room for discussion.

:bulletgreen: Those who wish to contact me in a way other than deviantArt's notes can find me under these contacts:
zubenowski AT gmail DOT com ( remove spaces, and change AT into @ and DOT into . )
Skype: ZuTheSkunk or "Zu TheSkunk" (with space)

:bulletgreen: No more than 6 full-body characters per artwork. I am not capable of working on the same piece for longer periods of time, and a higher character count means more time necessary to finish the artwork.

:bulletgreen: Feel free to ask me about comics. They cannot be longer than 3 panels, however. Price can be discussed.

:bulletgreen: I do NSFW too. Feel free to ask for details through private messages.

:bulletgreen: I do OCs too, but only pony/changeling and animatronic ones, or anything that is pony-like enough. I do not work with realistic-looking animals or creatures that have realistic-looking hands. The only potential exceptions are Spike, Discord, the MLP main characters' pets and some simple creatures, like bugs and birds.

:bulletgreen: I do not offer humanized or anthro characters at the time, sorry.

:bulletgreen: Stuff that I won't be able to draw (or don't want to draw) includes:
- Any of the following characters: Princess Twilight Sparkle, Roid Rage (the YEAAAAH pony) and Saddle Arabians;
- Anything related to Equestria Girls (including Sunset Shimmer and Flash Sentry);
- Anything related to MLP episodes from Season 4 and onwards (the only exceptions being Coco Pummel, Suri Polomare, Maud Pie and maybe breezies);
- Cars, guns or any complex machines (unless they are meant to be very simplistic);
- The majority of insects (see above);
- Gore or anything that involves a lot of knowledge about anatomy, like muscles, exposed bones or organs;
- Basically anything very complex, like very detailed armors, crazy weather effects, a whole lot of various different objects scattered around, and stuff.

If anything feels unclear, just ask me a question. I won't bite.

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